Friday, August 26, 2011

I Love Hill Tribe Fine Silver!!!

One of my favorite components to work with are my materials from the Hill Tribe villages in Thailand.

Pretty Pretty Hill Tribe Collection

These pieces are all handmade in The  Hill Tribes in Thailand. Thai Hill Tribe silver has a wonderful rustic look. This distinctive style is due to the very simple, primitive tools that are available to the silversmiths, who live in isolated villages far from the city. They work with fine, 100% silver, which is a higher silver content than sterling silver.  I mix these pieces with glass seed beads and semi-precious stones to create  unique beautiful pieces of high quality jewelry.

Hill tribe peoples migrated over 1000 years ago from the southern part of China into Laos, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam and Thailand. They have preserved their way of life with little change for over a thousand years. The Hill Tribes consist of six distinct tribal groups, each with its own characteristic dress, customs and styles of ornamentation. The Tribes are known in Thailand as the Karen (Kariang, Yang), the Hmong (Meo), the Mien (Yeo), the Akha (Kaw), the Lahu (Mussur), and the Lisu (Lisaw). All of the tribes do silversmithing. All of the tribal peoples wear beads. It's just that not all of the people make all of the beads. Some of them actually have their beads made by other tribes. Some of the tribes simply make silver and beads for their own consumption; others are more motivated to make additional products for trade with the outside world (which I am thankful for).

Passing on their culture

The villagers have traditional tribal methods passed down from generation to generation. On close inspection you will notice that no two pieces are exactly alike, attesting to the handmade nature of these beautiful pieces. 

Hill Tribe silver jewelry is renowned throughout the world for it's purity, beautiful artisan crafting & exquisite designs.  I hope you love and appreciate it as much as I do.  I try to create my Hill Tribe jewelry designs as "timeless" pieces that you'll treasure forever.  I know I treasure mine!  I wear my black agate gemstone bangles everyday.


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  1. What an interesting post about the backround of the pieces you use.

  2. These are really nice! Bright, but not gaudy. Classy! I like them :)

  3. How interesting! I know the name but didn't know the background behind the silver work. Very cool and very beautiful!

  4. Thanks for sharing how these treasures are made. I like the way they are each unique.

  5. So pretty. I love the history!

  6. It's absolutely beautiful...nice to have a little background knowledge of where they come from too :-)

  7. Looks Great! Love it all so much! :)