Wednesday, January 4, 2012

M.A.K. Jewelry for Men

I would like to introduce you to my new jewelry line. M.A.K. Jewelry for Men. Made especially for my man, but I'd love to share it with yours.
I'm not really new to making men's jewelry, but I did finally find a name for it.
M.A.K. stands for Max, Ava, Kohl. My children's names. Someone told me it was good luck to use initials. So after much research I came up with MAK, and it just stuck. It kind of just rolls off your tongue, like Pretty Pretty.
I have quite a few male customers and I've always felt bad saying or posting that they were wearing "Pretty Pretty".
Now they have a cool name for their cool jewels.
And I have to say, I enjoy making men's pieces as much as women's.
I hope all of you are loving them too. Thanks for all the continued support.
God Bless!
Xo Kim